Helen Zhong

  • Helen Zhong
  • truly haunting and hypnotic RONGDE President Helen Zhong
  • truly haunting and hypnotic

    RONGDE President Helen Zhong

About us

        Rong De Culture has been devoting in Film, Art Performance, Pan-Entertainment investment , production , ,currently holding one cultural media company, invested in one film distribution company, one content making company, four asset management companies with AMAC registered license. As of today, Rong De has invested in over one hundred film and concert projects, issued a total of eight media and performance oriented funds, with a capital management scope of over one billion RMB.
        Rong De Culture manages three film oriented funds with over 500 million RMB investment scope, invested in more than 20 projects covering the entire cycle of film industry such as production, P&A and distribution, focusing on China–overseas co-production films, Chinese films and variety shows. Rong De has invested in Hollywood and Chinese blockbusters including Hacksaw Ridge, The Nest, Birth of the Dragon and Fantasy Kingdom of Women, with Hacksaw Ridge winning over two Oscar Awards and stellar box office, earning considerable returns for investors.
       Rong De manages five live performance oriented funds, investment scope includes celebrity concert, fan meeting, music festival and theatrical play. Rong De has issued 3 concert oriented funds with over 20 projects, including Big Bang 2016 Shenzhen, Jacky Cheung 2016 Shenzhen, Eason Chan 2016 Huizhou, A Mei Utopia 2.0, Twins 2016 Hong Kong and more. Rongde has also Invested in multiple Hollywood productions such as Hacksaw Ridge, and 2016 Shenzhen Budweiser Storm Festival. All previous investment projects have yield generous returns to investors Rong De Culture has issued 3 funds for concerts including “Linkin Park”2015 Global Concert, Bigbang China and South East Asia Concert, IKON Concert, etc. All the projects have considerable incomes.
      Furthermore, Rongde culture participated in an art performance company and a film distribution company, all these arrangements make us to be one of the most influential investment company in the industry.





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